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Presented To You By


Jonathan Foster

 The Performers

Amanda Hitzler

Kristal Garvin

Devonte Tennell

Hailey Buxton

Scott Adams

Kylee Simon

Erica Mulligan

Jonathan Cullen

Tim Adams

Steven Brodnick

Mila Greening

Maxine Simeone

Maryn Leithe

The Crew

Matthew Frankel

Gabby Cabrera

MacKenzie Aaryn

Jonathan Foster

Chris Buxton

Brianna Larson

William Glenn

Drew Yost

Order of Events

  • Invocation and Instructions - Cast

  • Larger Than Life - Amanda Hitzler, Kristal Garvin, Devonte Tennell

  • This Wish - Hailey Buxton

  • Dust on the Bottle - Scott Adams

  • Roxan - Jonathan Foster

  • Into the Unknown - Kylee Simon

  • A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes - Erica Mulligan

  • Religiously - Jonathan Cullen

  • Why are you Late - Hailey Buxton, Steven Brodnick, Milia Greening, Maxine Simeone

  • Intermission

  • Take Ya Home - Devonte Tennell, Amanda Hitzler 

  • Dogma - Kylee Simon, Steven Brodnick

  • Tron Dance - Maryn Leithe

  • Short form Game - Milia Greening, Maxine Simeone, Jonathan Cullen, Kylee Simon

  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight - Kristal Garvin

  • Come on Feel the Noise - Tim Adams

  • Sea Fever - Milia Greening

  • Just a Friend - Devonte Tennell

  • For Good - Hailey Buxton, Kylee Simon

Remarkable Reasons is dedicated to charitable service of those with disabilities and diseases to honor the life and memory of Maria Buxton. Remarkable Reasons perpetuates strategic projects that integrate networks of charitable causes or “Reasons” to achieve greater results together. It is led by Chris Buxton, Joe Polanin, and Kiana Polanin in collaboration with Theatre eXceptional to celebrate what the community can do with this show.


 Theatre eXceptional aspires to create innovative theater and performance art with, for, and about people with disabilities with the goal of addressing and eliminating the misconceptions and social stigmas so often placed upon these communities that inhibit their full acceptance into our society.As an extension of Blue Butterfly Productions, TheatreX pushes artists with varying disabilities to live up to their full potential through a season of performances and two semesters of education classes.


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