About us:

We are a non­profit arts organization founded in June 2015 on the premise of supporting local artists to bolster cultural enrichment in the community, while it simultaneously serves as a crossover to utilize said talents for powerful philanthropic work. Blue Butterfly consists of several organizations, currently including Porch Stories, Theatre eXceptional, and 4x6Fest. Richard Kamler stated, "Art is one true global language. It knows no nation, it favors no race, and it acknowledges no class. It speaks to our need to reveal, heal, and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible."

Our Vision:

To expand boundaries and dispel myths through the performing arts.


Our Mission:

Blue Butterfly Productions builds inclusive communities using the power of the arts to connect people and change lives through high-quality educational experiences and performances. 

Our Values:

Blue Butterfly Productions Endeavors to be Inclusive and Diverse; Maintain Quality and Sustainability; Embrace Risk and Provide Support; Encourage Boundary Expansion; Model Dignity, Respect, and Integrity; Be Provocative and Empowering; Provide Education and Enlightenment; Promote Acceptance and Accessibility; Demonstrate Fiscal Responsibility

Theatre eXceptional:

Theatre eXceptional is a theatre company for, about, and including adults with disabilities. Theatre eXceptional aims to address and eliminate the misconceptions and social stigmas often placed upon these communities. TheatreX aspires to create innovative theatre and performance art with, for, and about people with disabilities through a full season of theatrical performances and two semesters of theatre education classes open to adults with disabilities. 

Society often excludes people with disabilities from playing a visible role in our communities, so TheatreX works to empower artists with disabilities to collaborate and create art that will show off their profound talent and potential. Through this collaboration, we hope to not only enrich the work we produce but also the experience of all who participate.

Click here for more information on Theatre eXceptional

Porch Stories:

Porch Stories brings local actors, musicians, and performers to homes transformed into performance venues in the Tampa Bay area where they are welcomed with open arms by creative individuals for performances and social gatherings, with proceeds going directly to the performers.

Click here for more information on Porch Stories

4x6 Fest:

In 2015, Blue Butterfly Production's Artistic Director Brianna Larson called upon her network of local Bay Area actors to put on a 24­ hour play festival.  June of 2015, six freshly written plays premiered in Tampa, Fl, all written, produced and then performed within 24 hours. This challenge drew many locals artists since it's beginning and has become an annual event that, along with many other projects, will continue to develop and form collaborations with the entire Tampa Bay Theatre community.

Read more about the 4x6Fest here


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