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As an extension of Blue Butterfly Productions, TheatreX pushes artists with varying disabilities to live up to their full potential through a season of performances and two semesters of education classes.


Theatre eXceptional's education programs are open to adults ages 17+ and are centered around giving theatre education to adults with varying disabilities as well as prepare them for professional opportunities outside of Theatre eXceptional. 

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Our Mission

 Theatre eXceptional aspires to create innovative theater and performance art with, for, and about people with disabilities with the goal of addressing and eliminating the misconceptions and social stigmas so often placed upon these communities that inhibit their full acceptance into our society. 

Our Vision

We hope to not only enrich the work we produce, but also the experience of all who participate. In addition to our current endeavors, we hope to develop a relationship in the future with the public school system that will allow our teachers to go directly into the classroom to work with the kids and teenagers of our community on eliminating the social stigmas of disability.

Our Values

TheatreX is deeply committed to embodying a wide range of core values that guide our every action. These values include inclusivity, diversity, quality, sustainability, expansion, integrity, education, accessibility, acceptance, dignity, respect, and empowerment. We are committed to these values in all we do now as well as the future.

 Accommodating artists to meet their potential.

About Us

Theatre eXceptional has proven to not only be a creative outlet for these performing artists but has worked hand in hand to also provide a version of physical, social, and occupational therapy through the program. We've seen performers with traumatic brain injuries who can't even remember names and faces be able to remember entire song lyrics and perform on stage with minimal help. We've also seen a change in audience members in the community who didn't think it was possible for our students to remember lines, music, and choreography, then realize that with the right help and accommodations, these individuals are able to perform Shakespeare and Broadway plays like anyone else. Seeing such a change in performers and audience members alike is what keeps us passionate about our work.


How it ALL started...

How it ALL started...

When Brianna Larson moved to Florida after graduating from NYU for theatre production, she started to explore the theatre community in Tampa. She met a few great groups and artists, but one thing that she really wanted was a company that could accommodate her brother Tyler, another actor who happens to have Down Syndrome. With the help of Tyler and their mom Michelle, they all created Theatre eXceptional; a company for, about, and including Adults with Disabilities. It started with a production of Boys Next Door which featured a blended cast of professional Tampa Bay area artists and new actors with disabilities. They worked together to put on a powerful play about a group home of adult men with disabilities and their struggles integrating into the world. From there the program grew and now Theatre eXceptional has worked with over a hundred different adult artists with disabilities and they have year-round programming including multiple productions and classes in the fall and spring to help these artists hone their skills.

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